It has been brought to our attention that our congress delegates are being targeted by companies going by the name EHS Exhibitors Housing Services and EHM Exhibitors Housing Management. These companies are calling delegates saying that there are issues with the hotel reservation they have made for the conference and then requesting credit card information. In some situations they are saying that they can get lower rates and need their original confirmation email in order to make the changes.

Do NOT provide them with your credit card/personal information/ confirmation emails.

These individuals are identifying themselves in different manners, which are all false. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Representatives from the Official Housing Bureau
  • Representatives from the Reservations Department of companies called the Exhibitors Housing Services; Exhibitors Housing Management; The Convention Housing Services; Trade Show Housing; Global Travel Partners or Exhibitors Management.
  • Staff from our preferred conference hotels 

They have used several names when introducing themselves; Emma Johnson, Laura, Adam Peterson, Sean Conner, Kate Jackson, Sam, Sarah Jordan, Julie/Julia, Sarah Robbins, John, Carlos, Steve Connor (and possibly more).

They may leave a telephone number to call back: 1-800-217-44021-800-217-4402, 1-855-420-8251, 44 (0) 800-014-8922. These calls are taking place in Canada, the US, UK and Germany.

They request that you provide your credit card/personal information for various reasons such as:

  • Claiming that the hotel rate has dropped and they would like to adjust the cost.
  • Claiming that rooms are running out and must be booked as soon as possible.
  • Claiming that rooms are sold out and that they can help find you alternatives hotels.
  • Claiming they can get you a better room rate than the conference organizers


We are doing everything we can to address this situation and appreciate your cooperation.